Review: Newport bistro's 'Califoriental' cuisine is well worth discovering.

The Orange County Register



Welcome back! After a devastating fire, a year and a half of rebuilding, and navigating the minefield of agencies, permits and building code, it is my pleasure to announce that Ho Sum Bistro is back as of January 15, 2018. It has been a long haul and we are excited to get back to work. Thank you all so much for your constant show of love and support for our restaurant. The emails, posts, and stop byes we received were truly touching and never let up throughout the entire rebuilding process. We’ve managed to retain almost our entire crew and they cant wait to see you and show off our shiny new restaurant. So please stop in, have a bite to eat and say hello. We’ve missed you and words can’t adequately describe how happy we are to be back!

Ed O’Neill
Ho Sum Bistro