Our Story

Ho Sum Bistro derives its name from the Cantonese phrase “Ho Sum,” meaning “Good heart.” This phrase encapsulates both a healthy heart and a kind-hearted nature. At Ho Sum Bistro, we strive to embody these ideals in our culinary creations and the way we interact with our valued customers and dedicated employees. At Ho Sum Bistro, our relentless pursuit of excellence begins with sourcing the finest ingredients available. We meticulously select lean, protein-packed meats, alongside the freshest vegetables, grains, and oils from reputable suppliers. Every dish, sauce, and recipe is crafted authentically from scratch.

Ed O'Neill, Ho Sum Bistro Owner

Ed O’Neill, Ho Sum Bistro Owner

In 1987, Ho Sum Bistro came to life as the brainchild of Dr. Robert Mah, affectionately known as “Bob,” an amateur chef and passionate food enthusiast. Following a heart surgery at the age of 50, Bob modified his ingredients and cooking techniques to address his newfound health concerns. With the support of family friends and a dedicated team, Ho Sum Bistro was born. After operating the restaurant for a few years, Bob, who is a UCLA professor emeritus, passed the torch to family friend Ed O’Neill who took over the operation and nurtured the restaurant and maintained its standards of excellence ever since.

Ed, who had a background in the financial services industry and had worked in various restaurants and hotel banquet kitchens during his college years, possessed a passion for culinary ventures. Additionally, his mother’s classical culinary training and ownership of a restaurant in Santa Monica influenced his desire to establish his own dining establishment. With these attributes converging, Ho Sum Bistro continued to flourish and thrive.

Our team of dedicated and long-time employees including Head Chef Gregorio Garcia, General manager Mike Turrentine, and serving staff Heather, Kiarra, Brianna among a host others, have played an integral role in shaping the identity of Ho Sum Bistro, making us a beloved and iconic pillar of the community.

Over the last three decades, Ho Sum Bistro has garnered local acclaim as a beloved destination and cult favorite for its Asian- fusion cuisine. Honoring Bob’s heart-healthy recipes, and through experimentation and perseverance, Head Chef Gregorio Garcia, Ed O’Neill, and our devoted customer base have collaborated to create a menu that showcases creative and original dishes unique to our establishment. We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in our laid-back costal ambiance where you can savor our signature cocktails from our fully stocked bar or indulge in a glass of fine wine with your meal.

From legendary salads to sumptuous rice dishes, delectable noodles, and irresistible dim-sum, our menu caters to every palate.

Come and experience the magic of Ho Sum Bistro, where good heart meets extraordinary cuisine. Whether it’s our Sunday brunch with bottomless champagne or our daily lunch specials, there’s something to delight everyone at Ho Sum Bistro. We invite you to join us on this culinary journey and savor the flavors that have captured the hearts of so many.